How to choose the best Kayak

Owning your own Kayak is awesome, but since there are many types to choose from, you might make the wrong decision. Some of the major factors you will need to consider are how often you will be paddling, location, the kind of river to paddle on that is whether calm or rough waves ( Whether you are more of a touring person or not. Some other tips to guide you in choosing are as follows.

Hull type

When purchasing a Kayak, always look at its hull design. What hull means is the bottom of a boat. It seems like it doesn’t play a big role, but it surely does, especially on stability and performance on the water ( Keep in mind that there are at least two types of stability.

Secondary stability

This is simply how stable a Kayak is when paddling starts, it should be stable enough and doesn’t roll when the journey starts.

Primary stability

This is the stability just when you get in the Kayak, and you should not flip at all when stepping in.

Length and width

What you should know Isa narrow and long Kayak is the best because it can maneuver everywhere. Always opt for a shorter, wider Kayak because it can be easily turned; opt for a wider one, especially if you are new to kayaking.

Height is also important when selecting a Kayak; make sure the Kayak you are yet to purchase suits you and you feel comfortable in it; you can as well consider one with footrests because it can be adjusted and you can comfortably fit in.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is also another important factor; remember that their capacities vary; this should be another option to put in mind when buying a Kayak. Capacity here is simply people’s weight or fishing materials and all that.

How to choose the best Kayak